Bingo Lingo

9 Jul

If one enjoys online gaming, but is looking to try something various with potential economic rewards – then one must try luck at online bingo. Bingo Lingo is an engaging social online game, where half the fun lies in chatting to fellow gamers as one plays.

How can one play Bingo Lingo:

A bingo ticket is composed of twenty-seven spaces, which are arranged in three rows by nine columns. Each row consists of four blank spaces and five quantities. Also, each column comprises of amounts ranging from one to three:

  1. The initial column contains figures from 1 to9,
  2. The 2nd column has quantities from 10 to 19,
  3. The third 20 to 29 and so on up until the last column, which contains amounts from 80 to 90 (the 90 being placed in this columnas well).

Bingo Lingo game is supervised by a caller, his job it is to call out the amounts and validate winning tickets. He/she will announce the prize(s) for each game just before starting. The caller would then say “Eyes down” indicating that he is going to start. He/she then starts contacting the squantities as they are randomly chosen, either by by drawing counters from a bag working with an electronic arbitrary variety generator (RNG), or by utilizing balls in a mechanical draw machine.

Bingo Lingo Game Rules and strategies:

1.) The game monitor draws a card and reads it aloud, including the root, description, and example. He or she then circles the word on the overhead transparency (or writes it on the board ) and sets aside the card.

2.) If gamers have a word on their board that is derived from the root on the card, they can cover or cir the word.

3.) If their board doesn’t have a word, players can make one based mostly on the root, write their word on scrap paper, and cover or cir the Make a Word space.

4.) The initially player to cover three words in a row (across, down, diagonally) says, “Bingo Lingo”. The game monitor checks the board for errors and either declares a champion or continues game play, if a error is found. To confirm solutions, the game monitor should consult a dictionary.

One needs to learn whole lingo that comes with bingo. The Bingo Lingo manual is here to help one to understand the most common bingo quantity terms:

^5 – High Five
4AO – For Adults Only
AFACT – As Far as I Can Tell
AFK – Away From Keyboard
ATW – Around the Web
BBL – Be Back Later
BBS – Be Back Soon
BLNG – Better Luck Next Game
BTW – By the Way
CDIWY – Couldn’t do it without You
CFN – Ciao for Now
CM – Chat Master/Monitor/Moderator
COI – Come on In
CYAL8R – See you later
D – De/The
DK – Don’t Know
DLG – Devilish little Grin
DLN – Don’t depart Now
EMA – e mail Address
EMML – e mail Me Later
EOD – End of Day
FIO – figure it Out
FISH – very first In even now Here
G/G – Gotta Go
GLA – Good luck all
GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike
HABO – Have a Better One
HF – Have Fun
IMO – In My Opinion
J/J – Just Joking
JK – Joking
JFF – Just For Fun
K – Okay
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
MB – Message Board
NP – No Problem
OW – Oh Well
Pls/Plz – Please
ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing ( ROFL on floor laughing )
SRY – Sorry
SYS – See You Soon
TC – Take Care
TY – Thank you
TYVM – Thank you Very Much
UL – Unlucky
VBG – Very Big Grin
WAM – Wait a Minute
WTG – Way to Go
YD – Yesterday
YW – You’re Welcome

In all the Bingo Lingo online game is incredibly interesting to the gamers. With the use of acronyms; the gamers learn the trick of making words from different letters, the meanings and usage of those words. Also, the chat-room friends help in learning the acronyms. Bingo Lingo game is thus a social game which has the aura of connecting diverse folks in one online game.


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