Taking A Bingo Deposit Bonus Or Not?

9 Jul

At most online bingo halls, the bingo deposit bonus is credited automatically to the players account when they deposit money. However if a player chooses not to accept the bonus they can get in touch with the bingo CM or customer support to have a bonus removed from their account. No player is under obligation to accept a bingo deposit bonus and some players choose to play with no bonuses.

So, what are the pros and cons of bingo bonuses? A bingo deposit bonus makes players money go further and allows them to play longer. Players playing with bonuses tend to purchase more tickets so the odds of winning technically improve in their favor. Bingo is a game of odds and the more tickets a player buys the higher their possibility of winning. By accepting a bingo deposit bonus, a player could play twice or three times as long as they could with no a bonus. Another purpose for accepting a bonus is that is feels like the bingo site is giving away some thing for free – even though a player wants to make a deposit to take advantage of this “freebie”. However in this day and age everyone prefers to think they are acquiring value for money and for most players bingo bonuses nevertheless feel like free bingo money.

Some players determine not to accept a bingo deposit bonus. Bingo bonuses can usually only be used to purchase bingo cards and not used on the slots, video clip poker, scuff cards and other side games which are available at most bingo websites. For players who enjoy playing the side games, bingo bonuses are not particularly useful as they even now have to use their own deposited money to play the games.

Secondly, the terms and situations which come with some bingo bonuses can also put some players off accepting them. All bingo bonuses have wagering specifications which must be met before any winnings can be withdrawn. The rate at which a bingo bonus is converted into cash ranges from site to site but most bingo websites have rules that winnings cannot be withdrawn until the bonus situations are met. Most bonuses cannot be cashed out so when a player makes a withdrawal, they usually forfeit any bonus which is remaining in the account. Nothing is more irritating after a big win than being unable to make a drawback mainly because there is nonetheless a bonus remaining in the bingo account.

Whether to accept a bingo deposit bonus or not is largely a matter of player option. A bonus can give additional playing time and value for money, but always read the phrases and problems very carefully.


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